Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hot Dates

 We got to go on two Hot Dates this week.  It was so much fun!  I don't know about anyone else but I hate January this year.  I do not do well being stuck inside and with the freezing temps we have done way too much of that.  So this was much needed and can hopefully carry me out until March!  First we went to a Jazz game and they WON!!  It was a good game and our seats are improving each time we go, so maybe just maybe we will sit in the lower bowl some day.

 Then we went to the Monster Truck Tour that was pretty dang awesome.  Only bad thing is we forgot ear plugs and they were loud.  After I overheard someone talking that they were $6 bucks a pair to buy there.  WOW they really know how to get you.

Afterwards we waited at Olive Garden for 1 hour and 10 minutes to eat.  Thank you high school dances haha.  At least seeing all the dresses was entertaining.  Such a good weekend, why can't we have more weeks like this :)

Christmas Day!!

 I will admit I was probably more excited for Christmas than my kids were, until I got hit with a cold Christmas Eve.  It wiped me out and I felt like CRAP!!  I hate colds to begin with but even more when pregnant.  So I wish I could have a do over hee hee I guess there is next year.  We were lucky and the girls did not wake up until 8:30!  We will enjoy it while we can

 I believe these are 2 of the cutest girls around
 McKell had a great Christmas and got everything she wanted, but has already made a mighty list for next year birthday and Christmas!
And why would we want a normal smiling picture!

Enjoyed the excitement each year brings, its getting better and better every year.  My favorite gift from Santa was my Kindle! and Jeremy's favorite gift was his new jacket, you will find him wearing it most days even if it is -4 degrees outside and it really is just a jacket.  It was fun to explain the true meaning of Christmas to McKell this year and her actually understanding, she has so many questions.  We bought some gifts for the Womens shelter and that was a great teaching moment that we don't just receive gifts, some kids out there don't have anything.  So she picked them out some great presents.

Christmas Eve

 We had Christmas Eve with the Barker side this year, we started off eating yummy pizza, then my Mom had some fun minute to win it games.  They were pretty awesome
 Trying to stack as many dice on this stick, look at that concentration.
 And the 2 girls with their favorite Aunt Kristy
 Taylee decided to give it a try, she actually did get 3 stacked on there.  She can hold still for a few minutes :)

Trying to eat the M&M's off the pencil it appeared to be very difficult

And the most awesome competition, was put tights on your head with a tennis ball in the end and knock over the bottles.  McKell and Taylee loved this one.  And seriously look at them who wouldn't want to wear tights on your head. :0

Barker Christmas party

 Not so sure about this man
 Best Friends
Had our Barker Christmas party it was great fun as usual.  Won some awesome Bingo prizes, ate delicious food, and got to see Santa.  All the Great Aunts gave the girls cute winter hats, here is Taylee showing off hers with a mouth full of Candy thank you Santa

McKell turns 4

 It finally happened, McKell turned 4!!  In my mind I can't believe it but in her mind is it ever going to happen.:)  We celebrated at Boondocks before Dad got home from work, then she chose IHOP to eat dinner. 

 Then the next day we had a Tangled birthday party with all her cute friends.  It was fun, but exhausting WOW girls are crazy. 
 Had blue jello snacks with an orange like the water and their boat to see the lanterns
 Our sad sad cake that just wasn't working haha oh well Thank you Vanessa and Neisha at least it still tasted delicious.

 I made a pinata that was impossible to break haha they hit it with a pan and most the girls could barely lift the thing up
 Presents!!!  She got some fun stuff that she has loved ever since
 All the cute girls with their Rapunzel hair they made
 And look at that amazing cake slowly falling
Thank You for all the presents,and coming to my party.  Being 4 rocks

4 Year stats

Weight 40.3 lbs  78%
Height  41 inches

Yes I know I am a bit behind

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Its a........

 I have wanted to do the announcing this way ever since I found it on facebook.  But I am to impatient to wait for everyone to get together, so since it was Monday and thats Batchelor night I figured it would be perfect.

So if you can't tell its a BOY!!!!!

My aunt Colleen saw the blue frosting evidence on McKells tongue before we did it.  So luckily Bryson and Uncle Glen were there to at least get the surprise :)
We are excited and super super nervous all at the same time.  Jeremy has a perma grin ever since the lady told us.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Exciting News!!

For many of you this will be new news, others old news.  But we are expecting another baby! :)  It is due May 27th 2013.  The exciting thing is we find out on Monday if we are adding another beautiful girl, or a handsome boy.  What do you think?  Vote on the side and I will announce on Tuesday.  I can't believe I am already 20 weeks, but at the same time will May ever be here lol.  We are excited to add another personality to our mix.  McKell finally gets that its me having the baby and not her, and is ready for a brother.  Taylee she has no clue, she just smiles. :)