Monday, December 17, 2012


I just need to get these on here for me.  Taylee stats at 2 years

Weight 27.7 lbs.63%
Height 36" 95%

So if Taylee doubles in height when she is an adult she will be 6 Feet TALL.  Lucky :)

November 29th we took Taylee's binky away, because the night before she woke up 3 times for me to give it to her.  Now that is worse than my newborns have been haha.  So the next day it was gone.  She only had 1 really bad night and screamed bloody murder for an hour but other than that she has been great.  She has quite asking for it every night so we are good.  And the good thing that happened with that is as soon as we took the binky she started staying dry at night.  So she is COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED now WAHOO!!!  It feels great to not have to even touch a diaper. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

 McKell thought she was such a good beautician that she tested her skills on Taylee :)  Oh my!!!!  I walked in the room and saw the hair, I thought she had cut her wig she has then I looked at Taylee.  I couldn't stop laughing to even get mad at McKell.  It was hilarious.  I just hope McKell is done cutting hair for a few more years.

So off to the salon we went.  Alexis did an amazing job with what she had to work with.  It is starting to grow on me and she looks pretty cute but...... I think we will grow it out a little longer hahhaha  The good thing is I don't even have to hold her down to put a pony tail in it anymore.  Funny kids!

Finally snow :)

First snow of the season and these kids were pretty darn excited to get out there and play.  Somehow McKell grew A LOT in the last year and her hat was too small, her gloves are too small, and her boots are too small.  But we made do and we built the first snow man of the year!!!!  We were watching cousin Nathan and Allison, they had a grand old time jumping on the tramp with all the snow, throwing snow balls, and the little girls really liked to eat it

Happy Birthday Kristy!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the best sisters in the WORLD!!!  She invited us all to celebrate with her at Wendy Sukiyaki (sp?)  It was a fun atmosphere, you take your shoes off and sit on the floor kinda :)  It was delicious, and a fun night all together.  My sister in law made that super cute scarf she has on.  She is amazing like that :)  Hope your day was great.  We love you Kristy