Thursday, February 26, 2009


I swear I am just destined to love the color PINK. This is the second time I have gotten asics running shoes and they have both been pink. I have always hated the color pink so I try on every other pair of shoes in the store just so I can hopefully avoid getting the pink ones. But lo and behold again these are the ones that feel the best. I just won't wear them for a few days so I can really decide if they really feel that good or I really do just love the color. I have gotten myself a gym membership for a month until it is warm enough outside and it feels great. I am up to 2 miles again without walking its amazing at how hard it is to get back in shape again. It brings me all the way back to my Freshman year of High School when I first started on the Cross Country team and running 1 lap around the track seemed like a long ways to run just for fun. Good Times. I just love the feeling I get after I have had a good run. I have a goal this year to run the Top of Utah Half Marathon in August, I am so excited just hopefully my knees don't get lazy on me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Me and my Mom were at Ben Franklin the other day and there sign said UGLY FABRIC SALE $2 a YARD. So my Mom asked to see the UGLY fabric. There was mostly just old holiday fabric and then my Mom spotted the perfect fabric for Jeremy. So she made some PJ bottoms out of them. And Jeremy loves them

2 Months

McKell has made it to 2 months already, she is changing every day. It has been so fun to watch her grow. She did not like the shots one bit, but really liked the taste of the grape pain reliever.
Here is she has learned in the past month:

She smiles at us a lot more now
She really likes to eat her fist
It is not as important to her to eat every 2 hours
She likes to hit her dangling toys on her bouncy seat

Her stats are

Weight: 11 lbs 13 oz 72%
Height: 23 inches 64%
Head:39.5 cm 66%
Don't mind Jeremy's nose, she looked so cute