Friday, February 22, 2013

Discover Your Happy: Friday Feature: Altra Torin GIVEAWAY!!!!

Discover Your Happy: Friday Feature: Altra Torin GIVEAWAY!!!!: All Altra shoes have cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom and is designed to reduce injury and promote proper nat...

This would be awesome to win, all my runner friends who read this!

Friday, February 15, 2013


I need to start writing down the funny things McKell comes up with and the questions she ask, so my goal now is to start writing in my personal journal more often.  Since I have not written in it since I think Jeremy got back from his mission.  Sad I know, cause going back and reading it is hilarious.  Anyways here is 1

We were in the girls room the other day and McKell pointed in her closet and asked what the baskets were for.  I said for Easter, remember the Easter bunny leaves you treats in them.  She ask how the Easter bunny gets to everyones houses (which is funny cause I don't think I ever even wondered I was just happy he brought me candy and a swimming suit).  Not knowing what to say I said he hops!  She looks at me confused and said how does he get from our house all the way to Aubrielle's (her cousin in Colorado) cause that's a long ways.  I laughed and said just teasing he flies.  She took that one a little better.  Then she says he isn't real is he?  I said what yes he is, who do you think hides all the eggs and gives you candy.  She said he is just dressed up.  I thought where is she getting this from, then I remembered at our city egg hunt there is a dressed up Easter Bunny, so I said yeah that one was fake your right.

Oh man I gotta get better on my toes with these questions she has.  Holidays are just more fun with little kids. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

25 weeks

Wow, how did 25 weeks already go by?  But yet are you sure it isn't May yet?  I wish I would have been more regular with my pictures on the other 2 pregnancies but alas I wasn't so I can't even compare size.  I feel like I am bigger this time around, but I am way more active.  I am still trying to get out running 2 times a week, at least 3 miles so I feel pretty good about myself.  I thought I was going to have to quite from the pain afterwards but my doctor suggested getting a belly belt so I will see if that helps.  We have no names picked out yet, and none that we both even agree on.  McKell has a few in mind though.  I am really wanting to get the nursery all set up, but since that is our office I will probably have to do it last thing. (when Jeremy is ready to move his stuff down into the cold basement :) )  15 more weeks to go!  But I can hope sooner, even though I really want a June baby I won't complain too much :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Discover Your Happy: Friday Giveway- Doterra Oil!

Discover Your Happy: Friday Giveway- Doterra Oil!: Here at Discover Your Happy we focus on all aspects of health.  A major aspect of health is not being sick. I recently have discovered ess...