Sunday, May 25, 2008


When I first started this blog I said that you had to have kids to be a blogger, so I decided I better try it. hahaha just kidding but we are going to be parents come this December then things might get much more exciting. We are both very excited for this new adventure in our lives, I just can't wait to find out if its a boy or a girl. I am hoping a girl but Jeremy says he doesn't care as long as its healthy.
Just to let you all know what has been happening in our lives since our last post, On May 9th my little sister also my 2nd best friend got married. It was so exciting and they will be so happy together. They are an awesome team and are great fun to do things with. Then we headed off to California with Jeremy's family, we went to Disney Land a few days and enjoyed the beach a few days, it was a very needed vacation and it was fun to be able to spend a whole week with Jeremy with no school or work. We are back now and yesterday Jeremy fulfilled his life long dream to have his very own motorcycle to call his OWN. So he got a dual sport Suzuki DR650, now hopefully we can just sell the car and everything will be great. So I think I might be spending more Saturdays alone while he goes on some fun rides.
I will have to post all the pictures later.