Monday, March 21, 2016


 Sisters couldn't wait to hold him! He is very loved


Corbin Alfred Jensen is here!  I was scheduled to go in at 7:00 am on February 25th. I had set my alarm for 5:55 so I could get showered and ready. The hospital called at 6:00 and said they were too full they would call at 9 and let me know when. I hurried and called my mom hoping she hadn't already left but she had. So our morning still started much earlier than I like. Girls were up at 6:30 excited that grandma was there and so excited to finally get a new brother that day. Well they called at 9 and said still too full they would call at 11. So the day went on as usual entertaining kids, going for a walk and anxiously waiting for the call. At 11 they called and said come at 12:30! Yeah! We have a time! We showed up a couple minutes late and were told there still wasn't a roo take a seat in the waiting room 😩 We sat there  for what seemed like forever! Finally at 2:05 we were called back. I guess we were lucky because we ended up being the only induction that day everyone else was cancelled. Busy day!  

3 cm
-2 station 

Doc Lister broke water



9 cm 



This was a very different delivery I actually got up and stood there which was much easier through each contraction. I pushed through as long as I possibly could and called for the epidural. I'm always nervous to get those but all was smoothe dr. Silver did awesome!  After he chatted a bit the nurse said she would be back and call if I have the urge to push. I've never had that feeling so whatever. Well seconds after she left I felt water going down my leg, that was new wasn't sure if the catheter wasn't in correct or what. Then I had the urge to push! Craziest feeling! So Jeremy calls the nurse she runs in and the liquid is amniotic fluid and I was indeed ready to push!  She calls dr. Lister which seemed like it took forever to get there haha they just kept telling me not to push. Sure whatever how do you even stop yourself!

With a few pushes he was out his face was a bit bruised because he got stuck for a bit but other than that he was perfect! I asked not to hold him until they cleaned him up this time which was much better. I can't take all the nasty against my skin haha. So glad he is finally here and big and healthy

9 pounds 2 ounces 
21.5 " long
6:15 p.m
Fastest delivery for me! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Taylee started her second year of preschool with Davis Early Intervention.  Her speech is coming along but she is still hard to understand sometimes.  She was so excited to start, she didn't even look back.  Good Luck Taylee on another great year


McKell started gymnastics again at Northern Star Bounders.  Lets hope she can get down a back hand spring now.

Peach Days 10K

I braved this road race once again, I always so I hate this race although I keep signing up.  I do feel that it is getting easier though :)  This year I talked my good friend Haley to come up and run it too.  Each one of us did Awesome, we all came in strong (I am sure Heather did too, didn't get to see her)

I got 4th girl overall 1st place in my age division
My time was 44:23


 Zander ate every piece of fruit he could find rotten, dirty, half eaten who cares.  My 3 kids have all been alike.
 McKell opened up a Ice Cold water sell this year.  She was persistent to ask every person that stopped and if they didn't hear she would ask again until they answered. 

She loves helping Grandpa feed the baby cows.  Why is it that my kids would love to live on the farm but growing up I couldn't wait to get off the farm haha

First Day of school

The day finally came for McKell to start Kindergarten.  She was so excited to finally go to the big school.  She has half day morning Kindergarten with Mrs. Ewing as her teacher.  She has loved it so far after the first week where she said there was too much listening.  She has made quite a few new friends and is excited to show me them everyday.